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Zbigz Premium Account Generator – Cookie Injector

Zbigz Premium Account Generator – Cookie Injector

zbigz premium account


Are you searching for zbigz premium account? We proudly present you the zbigz premium account generator with automatic cookie injection process. Never seen before right? Our cookie injection process makes your work lot easier.  Use our zbizg premium accounts, and enjoy the world of torrents without limit. Download torrents at the speed of 100 mbps+, with simultaneous downloads. And many more features available with zbigz premium account. So stop downloading using utorrent which totally depends on seeders. And start downloading from your own download managers at a lightning speed. The main benefit downloading from zbigz is you don’t need any seeders, to get your download speed, they download it to their server and provide you with their awesome speed. So why not get an premium account here ?. Our generator supports all modern famous browsers. You just need to select your browser and click the generate button. Let the generator do the rest for you. All the zbigz premium accounts are updated with fresh list each day. No black hat methods are used. All are completely white hat and secure.


zbigz premium account generator cookie


 Zbigz premium account generator Features:

  • Fully automatic process.
  • Automatic cookie generation.
  • 100% White hat method used.
  • Includes proxy option for an extra security.
  • Unique cookies are generated on each generation.

Zbigz premium account generator Instructions:

  • Select your browser.
  • Choose whether to use proxy ( We recommend to use proxy).
  • Click ‘Activate’ and Activate the tool.
  • Click ‘Generate’ button.
  • Wait for a few minute.
  • Done.
  • Open your browser and navigate to
  • You can see that you are logged in as a premium member.
  • That’s it, happy Downloads!.

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Note : If you get any error while launching the app like “Not a valid win32 application” etc, download and install microsoft .net framework from here

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