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Are your hacks undetectable ?

Yes, all our hacks are undetectable and 100% safe to use.

Do the hacks really work ?

yes, absolutely all our hacks work and are updated daily. Our site is created to help people not to cheat people with fake hacks.

I completed the survey but it just don’t download ?

Make sure you use your real information while completing survey. Some surveys needs you to install software on to your PC/Mobile and some may need you to pay money. The type of survey depends on the demographics and various other aspects of the user.

No offers/Surveys available in my country. what to do ?

You will have to wait until some offers become available in your country. We don’t know how many days it will take as it is from a third party website.

The hack was detected as virus by my antivirus what do i do ?

Since our apps are basically hack tools, automated bots it may have been detected as a virus. But don’t worry its just a false positive.

Why do we need to complete the survey to get the hack ?

In order to prevent our hacks from getting detected, we have to limit the no of users from using our hacks. So whoever completes the survey only they can use our hacks.